Our Mission

To provide the highest quality maritime consulting, security, and training to our clients through experience and integrity. 

Our team

The founder of Viking Solutions is a military veteran with a TS/SCI Security Clearance and years of proven ability to interact and collaborate with multiple levels of management and diverse cultural audiences. He served 26 years in the United States Navy and 21 years within the Special Operations community with extensive knowledge in Maritime Special Operations and Security. As a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer, he consistently achieved exceptional and measurable results while leading Special Operation teams in a dynamic, fast-paced environment in both civilian and military capacities. He possesses a comprehensive background in Training and Program Development derived from years of conducting domestic and global operations. He also has experience conducting Advise and Assist operations, Joint Combined Exchange Training (JCET), Foreign Internal Defense (FID), and Security Forces Assistance operations. He has a vast array of qualifications that range from medical, weapons, range operations, maritime and ground mobility operations, military operations urban terrain, and land-warfare. He has made multiple deployments to CENTCOM, PACOM, AFRICOM, and EUCOM theaters.

The co-founder of Viking Solutions brings over 15 years of entrepreneurial and executive experience to Viking Solutions. After studying at the University of Mississippi's School of Business, he opened the first of several successful businesses ranging from construction to dining.  This multitude of experience in various fields ultimately led him to the medical arena.  He has almost a decade of experience in vascular labs.  Physician & insurance contracting, development, equipment & device procurement, marketing, and management of these labs are only a small segment of the day-to-day operations he handled.  As the previous CEO of a Louisiana based vascular lab company and a private consultant, he has extensive knowledge of the challenges corporations face in today's business environment. 

What we do

Viking Solutions specializes in Maritime Consulting, Security, and Training utilizing 20 years of experience within the Special Operations community and Special Missions Units conducting Maritime and Ground Operations. Viking is your leader in tactical boat training. We are your solution for maritime operations, medical (TCCC), both small arms & heavy weapons training, convoy training, land operations, and movement through urban environments.

Today's maritime environment presents an overwhelming myriad of challenges. Executives in the commercial shipping field frequently worry about the security of their ships, their crews, and their cargo. Investors in the oil and natural gas industry often fret over the vulnerabilities of their offshore operations. Maritime ports and harbors are now in need of constant protection in order to ensure safety within a post-9/11 world.

Viking Solutions seeks to meet all these needs and more. Our skilled professionals have the knowledge, experience, and aptitude needed to implement successful security strategies. We use high tech solutions to defend your assets and safeguard your interests. Our teams utilize both active and passive defense strategies to deter threats. Additionally, we strive to cultivate a sense of awareness in any environment through training and preparation.

In order to determine which services are right for you, our experts will first evaluate your needs. A full scope vulnerability assessment provides the comprehensive insight necessary to consider risks and implement effective changes. Our wide range of services are specially tailored to meet each client's specific needs. Contact us today to learn more about the assurance and peace of mind that Viking Solutions can bring to you!