Training Initiatives

Along with consulting clients and developing state of the art security strategies, Viking Solutions also offers numerous training opportunities. Our expert instructors provide the quality training needed to foster safety and security within any setting. Through industry courses, firearms training, and corporate workshops - we believe in empowering individuals with the skills needed for defense.

Viking Solutions personnel have an extensive knowledge base and years of experience in program management and developing specialized training programs to fit the customer’s requirements and mission needs. We are equipped to develop a robust training program from the basics to the most advanced special operational capabilities.

With the complexity of implementing maritime programs and providing robust training opportunities, Viking Solutions is the choice for contractual partnerships. Our expertise in tactical boat and land operations can help your organization fill the requirements needed for many government and private contract awards. For more information on partnering with Viking Solutions contact us.

Courses Offered

This list offers a sampling of our training courses, however we also offer custom designed courses to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more about which training programs are currently being offered.

  • Basic Boat Operations (3 Weeks/120 Hours)
  • Navigation Fundamentals (2 Weeks/80 Hours)
  • Basic Coxswain Fundamentals (5 Weeks/200 Hours)
  • Small Arms Tactical Training (1 Week/40 Hours)
  • Heavy Weapons Range Operations (1 Week/40 Hours)
  • Tactical Boat Operations (5 Weeks/200 Hours)
  • Tactical Ground Training (1 Week/40 Hours)
  • Close Quarter Battle (1 Week/40 Hours)
  • Small Boat Interdiction (1 Week/40 Hours)
  • Full Mission Profile Exercises (1 Week/40 Hours)